What is the Overwatch 2 average team rank?

Online dating is not a precise science. To try and group players with the same ability level, developers must employ a variety of different criteria. Playing against opponents who are in your talent level’s opposite league is never enjoyable. 

This was addressed in Overwatch 1 with its SR numbering system. Since individuals of different ranks might combine for a competitive match, it can be challenging to determine the team’s true ability level. 

Based on the rank of each team member, the average SR indicator calculates the team’s overall ranking.

Average Team Ranking In Overwatch 2

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Average Team Rank, a new feature in Overwatch 2, will upgrade this feature. The player base, which has been requesting clarification regarding ranks in competitive mode, would be happy to hear this. 

We’ll have to wait until the start of the new season to see any footage or information about how this will appear in the game. The average team rank will probably maintain the Overwatch 2 average SR display. 

Before the battle begins, during the loading screen, players can see the average team rank for each team.

That is all we have to say about Overwatch 2’s average team rank