What Does Overwatch 2’s Aim Smoothing Mean?

Here is a brief explanation of Overwatch 2’s aim smoothing.

Overwatch 2 requires a specific level of talent to master. To have a significant impact in the PvP game, players must have lightning-fast reactions and make snap judgments. Another key element is having a thorough understanding of each character, including their advantages and disadvantages.

However, the setting of the game is equally crucial. Your own game settings can have a significant impact on how you play the game. Aim smoothing is one of these configuration settings that players can take advantage of. But what does Overwatch 2‘s aim smoothing do?

Let’s investigate.

What Does Overwatch 2’s Aim Smoothing Do?

What is aim smoothing in overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, success depends on your ability to consistently and accurately target your shots. However, using the controller to aim at rapidly moving targets is challenging. In this situation, Aim Smoothing is useful.

Your crosshair’s path to the target will travel more or less smoothly, depending on the setting. Depending on how high you set Aim Smoothing, the degree of smoothness will change. Your crosshair will feel floaty at 50 and above, allowing you a little more leeway to move. 

For gamers who like to flick, lowering it will make your crosshair lock onto targets more quickly. The ideal number for aim smoothing cannot be determined with certainty. It largely depends on your tastes and playing style.

To truly get a feel for it, we advise trying with various settings in the practice range. Once you’ve found the ideal balance for you, enter a match to observe the difference. That is all there is to know about Overwatch 2’s aim smoothing.