What Overwatch 2 Brigitte Counters To Use

Here is a list of the heroes in OW2 who can defeat Brigitte.

The closest a healer can get to being a tank is Brigitte. She is a powerful foe thanks to her melee skills and passive healing for herself and her group. The heroes in Overwatch 2 who can defeat Brigitte are listed below.

Overwatch 2 Brigitte Countermeasures

How To Counter Brigitte In Overwatch 2

Heroes who are excellent Brigitte counters are listed below:

Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Pharah

If Brigitte is on the opposing side, the best DPS character you may switch to is Pharah. She may continuously deplete Brigitte’s health because she is airborne and out of the damage range.

Brigitte can be easily damaged by spamming Pharah’s rockets when she’s wearing her personal shield because it doesn’t protect her sides, leaving her vulnerable.

2. Zarya

Brigitte’s melee assaults perfectly match Zarya’s particle barrier bubble since it strengthens her particle cannon with every hit. To make Bigitte’s life more difficult, this barrier can also be projected upon your allies.

Zarya is a dangerous hero against Brigitte thanks to all of this and the fact that she belongs to the tank class.

3. Junkrat

Brigitte is a master of close combat, and her shield sprint is the stuff of nightmares. Keeping your distance while doing sustained damage to her shield and health will help you stop her. With his frag launcher’s ability to bounce grenades around corners and keep you out of Brigitte’s line of sight, Junkrat is a great choice for this role.

When you’re cornered, his concussion mines can blast your way to a safe distance or higher terrain. For any Brigitte, a well-played Junkrat can cause some serious issues.

To counter Brigitte, heroes like Torbjorn, Widowmaker, and Bastion provide excellent alternatives. That is all we have to say about which heroes can effectively combat Brigitte.