Overwatch 2’s Mauga: Who Is She?

Here is a brief explanation of Mauga in Overwatch 2.

When new characters are introduced in Overwatch 2, there is always a sense of anticipation. Fans are eager to get to know the game’s newest hero as the current season comes to a conclusion in April. 

It is hoped that the fans’ favorite character, Mauga, will eventually be called up to the major leagues by the players. How about Mauga from Overwatch? 

Let’s investigate.

Mauga’s identity in Overwatch 2?

mauga in overwatch 2

Mauga is a member of Talon, a band of valiant mercenaries under the command of Doomfist. He takes on the position of heavy assault and was once Baptiste’s friend. The 2019 short story What You Left Behind introduced the character for the first time. 

The plot follows Baptiste to his home country of Haiti. Things change when Nguyen and Mauga, his former comrades in arms, appear and try to persuade him to join them. Mauga is a tall, commanding figure that is made to be a tank. 

His unpredictable personality qualities, which range from cheery to violent, are what make him such a fascinating figure. Fans have been anticipating Mauga’s inclusion in the game for a while now. He was originally going to be Hero 31, but Sigma took that position. 

Fans were told by the development team that Mauga would one day be a playable character.

Will Mauga Appear in the Upcoming OW2 Season?

The fourth season will premiere on April 11, 2023.  The developers of Overwatch 2 intend to continue adding at least one new hero per season. However, Bizzard has stated that the following hero would be a supporting figure. 

Mauga’s addition is therefore quite unlikely. Mauga will have to wait a while before he can cause some havoc in the game because Ramattra has seized Ramattra’s tank slot.

That is all Mauga in Overwatch 2 has to offer.