What Went Wrong If Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Is Broken?

Getting stomped or being stomped What you should know is as follows.

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 matchmaking is terrible right now, and this is a hot subject on Reddit. You either stomp your opponent’s team or you get stomped, as you may have learned the hard way.

The days of fair team battles appear to be over, and many players have even given up on the game completely.

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What you need to know about OW2’s uneven matching is provided below.

Why is matchmaking in Overwatch 2 broken and unfair?

is Overwatch 2 Matchmaking Is Broken?

The biggest problem with OW2’s matchmaking is that opponents or teammates with dramatically different ranks (and, consequently, skills) are being formed.

For instance, Bronze teams are completely destroyed by Diamond adversaries, while Grandmaster Tank players receive Silver DPS team members. This causes hostile conversation, wildly unbalanced games, and enormous losing streaks.

Due to differences in game sense, positioning, decision-making, and general competence, higher skill matches are played at an entirely different pace.

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As a result, those with higher levels are moving up while those with lower ranks are falling.

Can this Matchmaking be Fixed?

The OW team is aware of the issues players are having and continuously monitors community comments. To make sure that games are fair and feature people with comparable skill sets, they will continue to monitor and make adjustments.

Players’ reports suggest that OW1’s matchmaking was more evenly distributed than OW2’s.

I hope it gets corrected as soon as possible (middle of the season patch), even if it results in a little bit higher wait times.

Do keep in mind that your secret MMR enters the picture if you take a prolonged vacation from playing OW2.

If you’ve lost some of your practice, this matchmaking rating will drop. However, whether you lose 15 games or win 5, your rank will be “updated” and could increase, decrease, or remain the same.

You should also be aware that your unseen MMR differs from your “public” rank. The latter will be applied when pairing you with other players.

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