Why Can’t I See My Overwatch 2 Rank?

Not sure of your DPS, support, or tank player rankings? What you need to know is this.

Overwatch 2 why can’t I see my rank?

Why Can’t I See Rank In Overwatch 2?

If you enjoy playing in highly competitive rankings, you might be startled to see that your career profile doesn’t include your current and season-high rank at all. This is irritating, especially when a new season begins and rank decay is present (fortunate goodness, Blizzard will eliminate it starting with season 4). 

Here’s why Overwatch 2 prevents you from viewing your rank.

Why Am I Unable to See My Overwatch 2 Rank?

The quick explanation is that a glitch prevents the current rank and season-high ranking under Career Profile > Overview from being seen. Following a rated match, certain players are able to view their ranks. 

All you can do if it doesn’t work for you is wait for the devs to fix it, hopefully in a forthcoming patch. You can view it in the interim by queuing for comp, which is another method. The rank icon will be displayed just below the screen where you must choose the part you want to play. 

How do you view rank?

A new season unfortunately also brings new bugs for Overwatch 2. This widespread bug has been addressed by even the top 500 players in their videos and streams, much like the one from the previous season that prevented you from seeing recent match replays and game reports. 

The replay glitch was fixed in the new season, but players are currently dealing with a completely new set of errors and graphic bugs.

How should one interpret the evolution of competition?

The possibility to track your competitive development is one of the beneficial additions that the developers made for season 3. You can now track how many more victories you need to accumulate in order to move up a level after the matches were decreased from 7 to 5. 

The button is immediately below the section where you select your role in the competition. Your improvement in the tank, DPS, and support roles will be displayed.

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