Overwatch 2 Cassidy Defense Strategy

Here is some advice on how to deal with Cassidy in OW2.

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Cassidy can cause your squad a variety of issues if employed properly. His magnetic grenades might make him difficult to eliminate quickly due to his great damage and precision.

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The heroes in Overwatch 2 who can defeat Cassidy are listed below.

What Overwatch 2 Cassidy counters to use

How To Counter Cassidy In Overwatch 2

The heroes listed below are excellent Cassidy counters.

1. Widowmaker

When Cassidy is moving forward, a traditional sniper build is an excellent weapon. When cornered, the Grapple Hook comes in helpful, while the mines deter any uninvited flanks. Keep a safe distance and kill Cassidy from the opposite side of the map.

2. Orisa

This tank’s excellent damage tolerance makes her the ideal answer against an aggressive Cassidy. Her primary weapon, an enhanced fusion drive, overheats rather than reloading, and her javelin can shock an opponent. Orisa is a challenging target for any Cassidy main because of this and her fortifying ability.

3. Hanzo

Keeping your distance from Cassidy is the best course of action because she excels at close-quarter combat. Although Hanzo and Cassidy are of comparable build, Hanzo has the advantage of greater mobility, which gives him the upper hand in most situations.

Sonic Arrow has a strong ability for spotting foes, and his ultimate might end the squad.

4. Kiriko

Kiriko is a fantastic choice for your team when facing Cassidy because his magnetic grenades can be effectively neutralized by your heels. Her kunai, though, with its high headshot damage, may make the biggest difference. If you find yourself staring down Cassidy’s gun, her wall-climbing skills will come in handy.

When facing Cassidy, other heroes like Roadhog, Reinhardt, Sojourn, and Soldier:76 are all viable choices.