The best way to combat Mei in Overwatch 2

These OW2 heroes are the ideal Mei antagonists.

Mei is a difficult hero to defeat; she is a tanky DPS with incredibly helpful skills like cryo-freeze and ice wall.

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Many gamers that encounter her find it challenging to defeat her. So, in Overwatch 2, these are the heroes you can choose from to combat Mei.

The best way to combat Mei in Overwatch 2

How To Counter Mei In Overwatch 2

The heroes who can best fend off Mei are listed below.

1. Winston

Because Mei’s ice beam spray is lethal up close, Winston can easily block it with his leaping ability. Any time the ice wall spawns, you may employ the same tactic by fiddling with your barrier projection and utilizing Landing to hurt Mei when she starts using Freeze.

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2. Hanzo

Keeping your distance from Mei is the best course of action, and what character could be better for this than one of the game’s top DPS snipers? Use Hanzo’s double leap and passive wall climbing skill to quickly distance yourself from her using her walls as your shield.

3. Zenyatta

In addition to being able to snipe at Mei from a distance across the map, Zenyatta will be able to avoid her blizzard thanks to his ultimate. Waiting for Mei to cryo freeze herself and then charging all of your orbs once the freeze is done is a terrific way to defeat her.

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4. Widowmaker

Mei is a short-range expert, therefore Widowmaker’s traditional all-sniper build is a great reply. Widowmaker is a potent counter to pit against Mei thanks to her combination of this, her grappling hook to pull her out of tight areas, and a few venom mines to keep the occasional flank at bay.

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These OW2 characters have the potential to defeat Mei.