What In Minecraft 1.19 (Bedrock Edition) Are The Best Coordinates For Diamonds?

For information on the best coordinates for diamond mining in Minecraft, refer to this page.

One of the most valuable materials you can gather in Minecraft is diamonds. Diamonds are something you shouldn’t overlook if you’re looking to develop any high-end equipment. Tragically, players of Minecraft 1.19 don’t know where to look for it. As a result, we are here to assist you in the process. 

The best coordinates to mine diamond in Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Edition are revealed at the end of the article.

Diamonds’ ideal coordinates in Minecraft 1.19

Diamonds' ideal coordinates in Minecraft 1.19

Prior to the introduction of update version 1.18, diamonds could be easily located at a few particular coordinates. But following the update, nearly all of the ores, including diamonds, are dispersed widely beneath the surface. 

Diamonds can be found anyplace beneath Y = 15 in Minecraft 1.19 and before. But in my opinion, Y = -56, which is the same for both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft 1.19, is the best Y coordinate for diamonds.

Start digging anywhere on the X coordinates once you have arrived at Y = -56. This is due to the fact that diamonds cannot be found at any one X point. Although it might take some time, you will undoubtedly find diamonds at the aforementioned coordinates.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft: Tips and Tricks

The following considerations are crucial when searching for diamonds in Minecraft 1.19:

  • When mining for diamonds, always have an iron pickaxe, or better, with you. If you’re asking me, I would have used a Netherite pickaxe.
  • You can do strip mining in any direction to improve your line of sight because there is no set X coordinate on which you are instructed to go.
  • You can also double the drops by using the Fortune III enchantment on your pickaxe.
  • Last but not least, while strip mining diamonds in Minecraft 1.19, always have enough food on hand. Additionally, it is advised to bring several torches because the ground will be dark.

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