Best Village Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (Bedrock & Java Edition)

For information on the finest village seeds for Minecraft 1.19, see this tutorial.

After taking over so many worlds in Minecraft, you could occasionally start to lose interest in it. In these circumstances, Minecraft seeds can assist in building and exploring new worlds. While some of them are soothing, others will undoubtedly make you perspire. 

Here are the top Minecraft Village seeds that can improve your gaming experience if you’re up for the challenge.

Most effective Minecraft Village Seeds [2023]

Most effective Minecraft Village Seeds

        1. Coastal Beach Village

        The seed number in Minecraft is 4159132087736349043.

        This town is filled with ocean-related elements. Not too far away are a big mushroom biome and an ocean monument. This also qualifies for our list of the top Minecraft village seeds for another reason. One of the game’s most unusual collections of animal species also calls this settlement home.

        2. Zombie Village

        Code for Seeds: 1808205616

        Our initial entry is notoriously known as the “Village of Danger.” Right below the outpost is a dungeon full of zombies and a pillaging outpost. With innocent people and animals in the mix. It’s your responsibility to rid this mountain community of zombies and robbers. 

        But that’s not all; you also need to address certain flooding problems and structural flaws.

        3. Snowy Village

        The seed barcode is 3848164776599247812.

        The Snowy Village seed is the last one. The game’s greatest village seed is unquestionably this one. It is situated at the edge of a snow-covered peak. At the summit, there is a stunning mountain crater. 

        The fact that every house in this community keeps going up a level is what I find most amazing. There is practically no looking down! As soon as you reach the summit, a blacksmith in an extraordinary location will be waiting for you.

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