The quickest way to obtain Netherite in Minecraft

To learn some quick ways to obtain netherite in Minecraft, check out this guide.

The strongest items in Minecraft are the tools and weapons made using diamonds. As a result, you should constantly upgrade them to make them even more resilient. For those who don’t know, all the diamond things are upgraded using a Netherite, a crucial resource. 

However, getting it might be a tiresome task. Check out this instruction for the finest and quickest method of obtaining netherrite in Minecraft 1.19.

Minecraft: How to Get a Netherite? 

How to Get a Netherite? 

Be aware that Netherite is not a resource that is easily accessible before continuing. Before eventually becoming a Netherite, you will need to acquire several goods. To begin mining ancient debris, you must first travel to the Nethers. Y = 15 is the most common coordinate where ancient debris spawns. 

Start mining with a diamond pickaxe as soon as you arrive at the specified Y point. You must use a furnace or blast furnace to smelt ancient debris once you acquire it. Smelt the ancient debris using any fuel, like coal, to get a nether scrap out of it. Now, nether ingots are created using nether scrap. 

To make a nether ingot in Minecraft, follow these steps:

    If you correctly place them, you will get a Netherite ingot. It can then be utilized in Minecraft to create Netherite tools, armor, and weapons.

    How to Get the Best in Minecraft?

    How to Get the Best in Minecraft?

    You should try the following techniques to obtain Netherite in Minecraft:

    1. Bastion Ruins

    A Bastion Remnant loot chest is where you can find a Netherite the quickest. In Bastion Remnant in Minecraft, there is a 42.1% chance that a player will get a netherite ingot from a treasure chest. 

    On both the Bedrock and Java editions, the following chests contain a Netherite Scrap:

    Chest Name number of drops Chance %
    Treasure Chest 1 24.40%
    Generic chest 1 4.50%
    Hoglin’s stable chest 1 9.10%

    2. Bed Mining

    bed mining

    You will need a lot of beds, food, and armor for this strategy. All that is left to be done is excavate a tunnel and place a bed inside of it. To further generate a huge explosion, take a few steps back and interact with the bed. 

    The process will cost you a little health, but as long as you have food and armor with you, it won’t hurt too much. You’ll see that certain blocks have been removed following the explosion. This will make it simple for you to find the ancient debris. Afterward, you can use it to obtain netherrite in Minecraft.

    3. Mining TNT

    Mining TNT

    This is one of my preferred strategies for acquiring a Netherite. Make sure your inventory contains plenty of TNT. After that, proceed to the nethers at Y = 14 in the area. Start a long tunnel excavation and put mines along the tunnel four blocks apart. 

    Now ignite any TNT to cause it to explode one after the other. This will open up numerous locations, making it simpler to obtain ancient debris and, eventually, Netherite. These are the three quickest ways, in my opinion, to obtain netherite in Minecraft. 

    Additionally, we appreciate the Minecraft fandom for providing us with the details regarding Bastion Remnant Loot Drops.