Best Minecraft Y-Level for Netherite (2023)

This is the optimal Y-level in Minecraft for obtaining Netherite.

In terms of rarity and worth, there aren’t many resources in Minecraft that can compete with diamonds. The majority of players use it to create elite weapons and armor. However, some people favor using Netherite, the most resilient material available. 

The strongest items in the game are those made using netherite, including tools, armor, and weapons. However, Netherite is quite difficult to locate. You’ve come to the right place if you need help obtaining this uncommon item. This is the best Y-Level in Minecraft to discover Netherite.

How to Get the Best Y-Level in Minecraft for Netherite?

How to Get the Best Y-Level in Minecraft for Netherite

The optimum Y-level range in Minecraft for obtaining Netherite is between Y = 8 and Y = 22. To locate it, you must descend to the Nether’s lowest point. If you didn’t know, ancient debris blocks are where Netherrite spawns. 

To get the priceless resource, make sure coordinates are enabled in the settings. Try your luck at Y-level 15 in the Nether if you’re looking for a specific area.

If you have never ventured into the Nether, let us warn you that it is a highly dangerous location full of hostile blazes, exclusive mobs, and more. Therefore, before beginning your journey, make sure you are outfitted with high-quality tools and armor. 

Additionally, obtaining Netherite requires first gathering ancient debris. Mining ancient debris is incredibly challenging since it is so uncommon. The best ways to remove weak blocks are through TNT mining, bed mining, and strip mining. After the mining is finished, only ancient debris will remain. 

To convert the ancient debris into Netherite scraps, be careful to smelt them. Once mixed with gold ingots, these scraps can be used to create netherite ingots.

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