How to find optimal Level of Y for Netherite in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the optimal Y-level to obtain Netherite is between Y=8 and Y=22.

Where to go:

You’ll have to go all the way down to the Nether to discover it. Netherite grows in Ancient Debris blocks, if you didn’t previously know.

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To obtain the valuable resource, ensure that you have enabled coordinates in the settings. If you’re looking for a certain place, consider searching at Y-level 15 in the Nether.
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If you’ve never been to the Nether, let us warn you that it’s a perilous region filled with exclusive mobs, aggressive blazes, and more.

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So, before you go forward, make sure you have high-quality armor and tools.
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Furthermore, in order to obtain Netherite, you must first acquire Ancient Debris. Mining for ancient debris is particularly challenging due to its scarcity.

TNT mining, Bed mining, and Strip mining are the most effective methods for removing weak blocks. After the mining is completed, all that will be left is ancient debris. Make sure to smelt the Ancient Debris in order to convert them to Netherite scraps.
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These scraps can be mixed with Gold Ingots to produce Netherite Ingots.

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