Where In Minecraft Can I Find A Skeleton Horse?

Discover where to find the Minecraft Skeleton Horse.

Many people in Minecraft are interested in finding the Skeleton Horse. It is a rare mob since this zombie horse variation does not naturally spawn. The Skeleton Horse is one of the game’s swiftest horses, in addition to having a fantastic appearance. 

Additionally, it can jump up to five blocks, and you may ride it underwater. We will direct you to this particular mob since it is so distinctive.

Where to Find a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft?

Where to Find a Skeleton Horse in Minecraft?

Players must set off the “skeleton traps” in order to obtain a skeleton horse. Using a small amount of lightning produced by a thunderstorm, this trap summons an aggressive skeleton horse and a horseman. 

Depending on the difficulty level, the trap is more likely to appear in the following situations:

  • Easy: 0.75 – 1.5%
  • Standard: 1.5 to 4%
  • Hard: 2.25 – 6.75%

A skeleton horseman will materialize if you enter a 10-block radius of this trap. These mobs are hostile right now, and dealing with them can be risky. The horseman will spawn with a magical bow and an iron helmet. 

The rider on the horse will shoot at you and ride after you. You must slay the horseman in order to obtain the skeleton horse.

How to Ride a Skeleton Horse?

You can ride the skeleton horse after killing the horseman. But first, you have to subdue it. The taming procedure is the same as with an ordinary horse. You only need to mount it until floating hearts appear. 

Once tamed, the skeleton horse can be saddled and ridden while being controlled by the rider. The skeleton horse, one of the swiftest horses with a movement speed of 0.2, was previously noted.


The following objects fall from the skeleton horse when it dies:

  • Bones 
  • Saddle, if equipped 
  • EXP Points

How To Get Skeleton Horse In Minecraft?

Here’s how to get a skeleton horse in Minecraft:

  1. Find a skeleton horse: Skeleton horses can only be found in two ways – either by finding a naturally spawned one in the game, or by summoning one using cheats.
  1. Natural Spawn: The natural spawning of skeleton horses is very rare and can only occur under certain conditions. They spawn only during thunderstorms, with a chance of 0.75% to spawn in place of a regular horse. The player will need to be quick to tame them before they despawn.
  1. Summon with Cheats: If you have cheats enabled, you can summon a skeleton horse using a command. The command to summon a skeleton horse is “/summon minecraft:skeleton_horse. By using this, a skeleton horse with the “SkeletonTrap” tag will be called, which means that when it first appears, it will be accompanied by four other skeleton horsemen.
  1. Tame the skeleton horse: Once you have found a skeleton horse, the next step is to tame it. Taming a skeleton horse is similar to taming a regular horse. You can do this by approaching the horse slowly while holding a golden carrot or an apple. You will need to ride it for some time to fully tame it.
  1. Ride the skeleton horse: Once you have tamed the skeleton horse, you can ride it just like any other horse. Skeleton horses have the unique ability to walk on water, making them useful for crossing large bodies of water.

Overall, finding and taming a skeleton horse in Minecraft can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Whether you find one naturally or summon one with cheats, these unique mounts are sure to add an extra level of excitement to your gameplay.

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