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How to Find the Devil’s Club in Sons of the Forest?

The main focus of Sons of the Forest is survival. Players are dropped into a lonely island’s thick forest, where they must struggle to survive. As you hunt and scavenge for food and other necessities for survival, the island is your best friend. 

Making your own tools and goods is essential to winning the game. But it seems like a lot of players are having trouble finding the Devil’s Club to make potions. 

A simple method to finding Devil’s Club in Sons of the Forest is provided here.

Devil’s Club Location in Sons of the Forest

Devil's Club Location in Sons of the Forest

The plant known as “Devil’s Club” is spread throughout the island. The plant can be found close to lakes and rivers, yet there isn’t a single precise spot. For a better chance of finding Devil’s Club, try these two particular spots if you’re still having problems.

  • Make your way to the lake with four rivers, which is to the west of the Snowy Mountains. Along the banks of these four rivers is Devil’s Club.
  • Approach the river’s mouth by moving east of the Snowy Mountains. Devil’s Club will be situated along the river’s course as it flows toward the ocean.

To permanently identify Devil’s Club, you must eat it, just like with all other plants and herbs in the game. After this process, avoid eating the plant because it is poisonous and will harm your health. 

Devil’s Club’s primary function is to create Energy Mix and Energy Mix+. In a fight or emergency, these can be utilized to replenish your energy.