GTA 6 Is Supposed To Be A PS5 Exclusive

Despite as much the GTA series’ fans might desire it, Rockstar Games’ flagship title, GTA 6, won’t be available until the new console generation is out.

The claim that GTA 6 will supposedly be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, however, is one of the most intriguing stories that should be treated with caution. As we have seen, nothing is impossible in the video game industry, but this simply seems like a complete fake.

Another thing that emerged from the rumor mill is the possibility that Vice City may appear in GTA 6. Since Vice City is based in Miami and the game’s setting was greatly influenced by the movie Scarface, this is a fantastic homage to what made the GTA series so well-known.

Since GTA V included locations from GTA San Andreas, it is more than likely that GTA 6 will be the biggest launch of the current console generation.

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It is simply a matter of time before the franchise and the experience are significantly altered by the next console.

But going back to GTA Online, Rockstar Games still has a ton of content, and they have a deliberate release schedule in place.

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Without a doubt, 2023 appears to be a significant year for gaming overall as well as Rockstar with GTA 6 and Sony with the PS5.