How To Get Silver, Gold, Platinum, & Diamond Status in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino?

The “THE DIAMOND PROGRAM” for GTA 5 was unveiled by Rockstar today. Through this program, gamers may earn exclusive rewards at “THE DIAMOND CASINO & RESORT.” Players will be able to enter the brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort has started on July 23, 2019. a brand-new location that is Los Santos’ top spot for luxury living and entertainment. 

A VIP membership rank, the Diamond Program offers incredible new benefits and awards. This GTA 5 Diamond Program tutorial will cover all of your questions pertaining to the most recent update. 

For instance, when are GTA 5 Casino Events available, what special awards can be unlocked, how can you unlock various VIP statuses, and much more?

Diamond Program Guide for GTA 5

What is the final day to sign up for the GTA 5 Diamond Program?

The Diamond Program for GTA 5 will launch on July 23, 2019, and in order to receive all of its exclusive benefits and awards, you must sign up by August 7, 2019.

How Does the GTA Diamond Program’s Silver Status Work?

You must purchase Master Penthouse in order to unlock Silver Status in GTA Diamond Casino & Resort. Users of Twitch Prime can access it for free, and obtaining the game’s Master Penthouse will provide them Silver Status, making them eligible for special incentives.

Benefits of Social Club and Twitch Prime

Bonus Master Penthouse for Free in GTA Online GTA$ on Shark Cash Card purchases of RDO $300 and the Superior Ammo Bundle Bonus Gold Bars on Gold Bar purchases also more to come!

Free Master Penthouse in the Diamond Casino & Resort, GTA$1.25MM, special weekly discounts on premium items, and an additional 10% off of deals that apply to the entire game. If you are a Twitch Prime user, click the link below to get your free master penthouse.

How Does the GTA Diamond Program Get Gold Status?

In GTA Diamond Casino & Resort, achieving Silver Status is a prerequisite for achieving Gold Status. After that, aid Tao Cheng in defending The Diamond casino from a Texan Magnate. 

A dishonest family that seeks to ruin Tao Cheng. In the second cooperative assignment, Housekeeping, you will encounter him. You can unlock Gold Status in GTA Online Diamond Casino & Restart after competing for it. The unique gifts that you will obtain after earning Gold gifts are listed below.

  • Thrax Truffade 
  • Truffade Tee

How Does the GTA Diamond Program’s Platinum Status Work?

You must accomplish 5 casino work missions for Head of Operations Agatha Baker in GTA Diamond Casino & Resort in order to unlock Platinum Status. After completing the first cooperative objective, dial Ms. Baker’s number to unlock 5 casino work missions. 

Here, you’ll receive some fantastic incentives.

Kronos Ara Lucky 7s Tattoo Watch: Unlock every variation of this expensive timepiece with this store-exclusive accessory.

How Can I Join The GTA Diamond Program As A Diamond?

Diamond Rewards at GTA Diamond Casino & Resort, which are only offered to Platinum members, will be accessible to those who stick around. To win special liveries of a highly desired brand-new automobile, successfully complete each cooperative assignment. Two vehicles, including the Annis S80RR Supercar, are unlocked.

It’s now time to claim all the wonderful benefits from the recently launched GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort.

Before you begin, unlock Silver status in the Diamond Program and the Master Penthouse with Social Club x Twitch Prime bonuses. To receive the Twitch Prime incentives, you must link your accounts. 

There are two ways to achieve this. If Master Penthouse is not available after signing up for Twitch Prime, you can purchase it and get a refund for the purchase price within 48 hours. 

Second, from July 28 to August 1 while you are still an active Prime Member, the Master Penthouse will be advertised as Free for active Twitch Prime users who have a good standing.