Sons of the Forest: How to Heal | Health Mix, Medicine

In a game like Sons Of The Forest, getting hurt frequently occurs, so you’ll need to learn how to recover by using health mixes or medications. The ingredients you need, where to acquire pills to restore health, how to use Virginia, and how to make medicine are all covered in this crafting tutorial.

In Sons of the Forest, how Do You Get Medicine & Heal Yourself?

In Sons of the Forest, you can discover Pill containers, construct a Health Mix or Health Mix+, or both to heal yourself. Gather the ingredients for these crafting recipes, combine them in the crafting mat in your inventory by pressing the gear icon, and you’ll have Meds.

How to Prepare a Health Mix that Will Restore Health

  • 1x Aloe Vera
  • 1x Yarrow

Making Health Mix+ is Simple

  • 1x Aloe Vera
  • 1x Horsetail
  • 1x Fireweed

The place on the map where you can readily find all of these goods is shown below.

The place on the map where you can readily find all of these goods is shown below.

Locations for Where to Find Medicine?

Pills can be found in containers in caverns, aboard airplanes, in crates, in random boxes, in enemy camps, on the beach, and anywhere else. You will need to take your time with this (and your luck), and if you don’t have your medications with you when you really need them, you will perish. 

Therefore, it is best to make your own medicine and carry it with you at all times.

Are drugs able to be stored?

Fortunately, you can! When your game’s season is in the spring, summer, or even autumn, stock up on these herbs, combine them to make crafts, and then store them in tiny or large cabinets because they can be difficult to find in the off-season (like winter).

How Can Virginia Be Used For Healing?

You can approach Virginia, your partner, get her, and hand her the weapon. While you scavenge for medications and other essential items, she can eliminate enemies who can do the dirty work for you.

What Takes Place When You Take Medicines?

When you take medication in-game, your health will fully recover. If you need a quick repair after being attacked by an adversary, this will be extremely helpful. It is advisable to eat meals to restore health if you are in a secure environment.

How can you maintain good health?

  1. Put on armor; it will shield you from harm.
  2. Continue to sate your hunger and thirst by consuming snacks, water, and as much animal flesh as you can.
  3. Take a seat on a bench to recharge.
  4. To restore energy, build a shelter and get some rest.
  5. Create weapons to defend oneself against dangerous animals, adversaries, and mutants.
  6. Have a sufficient supply of medications on hand.

In Sons of the Forest, that is how you heal and create a medicine/health mix. 

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