Sons of the Forest: Horsetail Location

Sons of the Forest has been out for a week and already received a hit certification. In the survival horror game, the main threat is nature, not cannibals or secrets on a secluded island. 

Players must make use of anything they can find to create homes and weapons, as well as go on food hunts. But horsetail, a valuable plant, appears to be concealed from players’ view. Let’s quickly review the locations of Horsetail in Son of the Forest.

Horsetail locations in Sons of the Forest

Horsetail is dispersed around the island, just like every other plant in the game. But the grassy plains west of the Snow Mountains are where it can be found in great abundance. 

Get yourself over to the western rivers of the island, as Horsetail can be found there. The plant is long and slender, so it tends to blend in with the grass around it, making it challenging to identify at first.

To permanently recognize the plant the next time, players will need to ingest it the first time. Players will receive a tiny quantity of energy after eating the plant. Horsetail is mostly used to manufacture Health Mix+, though. 

While exploring the island, having this extremely helpful consumable on hand can mean the difference between life and death. To create the Health Mix+, combine Horsetail, Fireweed, and Aloe Vera.

You might even come into some seeds when out gathering horstail. Long term, this will be quite helpful because you can now grow your own horsetail plants on your base. 

There is no cap on the amount of plants you can grow, even though you can only carry 10 plants at once. A great strategy to manage your supplies is to grow your own herbs at the base.