The ideal ISO Hemlock build for competitive MW2 play

The ISO Hemlock works admirably in BR and casual modes, but Ranked Play in MW2 Season 2 is a very different playground. There are regulations in place in Ranked that restrict the use of attachments.

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Even certain firearms and other weapons are prohibited. Thankfully, the ISO Hemlock is a choice that may be used in Ranked. The attachments you use in your loadouts cannot be used outside of Ranked, though.

Best ISO Hemlock build in MW2 Season 2 Ranked Play

Best ISO Hemlock build in MW2 Season 2 Ranked Play

There is a special construction for Ranked Play because the ISO Hemlock cannot be constructed the same way as it can in casual settings. The following is the build for the top-ranked ISO Hemlock:

The best AR to utilize in ranked play in MW2 Season 2 is this ISO Hemlock build. The TAQ-56 may be the sole AR competitor to this, but only with the proper construction. Let’s find out more about what makes this build so great.

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You experience reduced vertical and horizontal recoil with the FJX Fulcrum Pro muzzle. This is the greatest alternative because Ranked Play forbids the typical muzzle attachments.

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Only because silencers are prohibited will this muzzle not silence your firearm.

The handling of the gun is greatly improved with accessories like the XTEN Grip and Cronen Mini Pro optic. The ISO Hemlock has a substantially faster sprint-to-fire time thanks to the grip, as well as a faster ADS time. The ISO Hemlock’s standard iron sight is quite obstructing, therefore the optics are crucial.

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Finally, the ISO Hemlock offers excellent targeting stability and recoil control thanks to the Mace 600 stock and Phase-3 Grip. In MW2 Season 2’s Ranked Play, you must have pinpoint precision.

These accessories make sure that recoil won’t cause you to miss your targets.