The Most Delicious Food in Sons of the Forest

Keeping yourself fed is a primary priority when trying to survive in the woods. Thank goodness, there are enough resources in Sons of the Forest for you to use. There are several options, whether it be meat, veggies, or fruits. 

Not all of them, though, are strong enough to sustain you over time. Therefore, what should you eat and what shouldn’t you? 

For information on the best foods to eat while playing Sons of the Forest, consult this page.

What Are Sons of the Forest’s Best Food Items?

What Are Sons of the Forest's Best Food Items?

Here are some of the best foods and beverages that can satisfy your hunger and restore your energy:


Your video game character will become full after eating a fish, which will also restore its energy. Although a fish can rot, eating one will harm your health and stamina. 

Players are advised to cook Fish and hang them on a rack in order to avoid it. You will receive a Dried Fish as a result of doing this, and it will remain edible for a very long time. Additionally, it boosts players’ health by 50%.

Kitty food

It may sound strange, but eating cat food also makes you feel full. In Abandoned Camps and Underground Bunkers, you can discover them in storage chambers, wooden boxes, and containers. 

With the aid of a may Opener, you may then open a can of cat food and consume it. In Sons of the Forest, it is actually one of the strangest and finest dishes to eat.

A mix of Health & Mix+

Both a Health Mix and a Health Mix+ are consumables that can be made with particular plants. Let me tell you that while eating them will considerably raise your health bar, it won’t sate your appetite. 

After ingestion, a Health Mix boosts health by 50%, and a Health Mix boosts health by 100%. Therefore, both of these items are the best consumables in Sons of the Forest if you want to regenerate health.

Energy Drink & Energy Bar

Energy drinks and bars might not be easy for the gamer to find right away. However, they significantly boost your character’s energy after consumption. 

Players can fully hydrate themselves by drinking an Energy Bar or eating an Energy Bar to recover their health.


Meat, like Fish, satisfies your hunger and helps you feel full. Additionally, it rots, so you must cook and dry it just like you would a fish. Steak, bacon, brain bites, and even limbs are edible. 

Well, when it comes to surviving, anything is fair and legal. However, be careful not to overcook a Limb because, if this occurs, it will become bone-like.


The best thing to eat in Sons of the Forest, aside from all types of meat, is an oyster. The only meat that never goes bad is this one. Since it is under the water, getting to it can be difficult. You’ll benefit much from a rebreather under such circumstances.


There are many different varieties of mushrooms that you can eat in the woods. When consumed, shiitake and oyster mushrooms will improve your health and sate your hunger. A Fly Amanita Mushroom, on the other hand, increases stamina while slightly lowering health due to its poisonous nature.

Aside from perishables

You can eat foods like Crunchie Wunchies, Filled Food Tray, MRE Pack, and Ramen Noodles in addition to Cat Food. Ramen noodles enhance stamina but also make the character thirsty, while the first three reduce appetite.

We determined that the foods listed above were the greatest in Sons of the Forest. There are numerous additional edibles in the forest. Having said that, you are free to investigate and utilize most of them.

That concludes the Best Food to Eat in Sons of the Forest section.