How To Correct The MW2 Failed Fetching Crossplay Friends List Error

There is a fix needed for the “Failed Fetching Crossplay Friends List” bug that many CoD MW2 users are experiencing. You won’t be able to access your cross-play buddy list, as the name implies. However, you need not worry because there are a few things you may do if this problem arises. 

So, here’s a workaround for COD: MW2’s Clark Monterey problem.

How to Resolve CoD MW2’s Failed Fetching Crossplay Friends List?

How to Resolve CoD MW2's Failed Fetching Crossplay Friends List

Although there is currently no official solution to solve this problem, there are various basic remedies available. What you should do to resolve the Clark Monterey problem is as follows:

  • Start the game again: Let’s start by making the simplest correction. Both PC and console players ought to be able to use this approach. Start the game over. Even restarting Steam or clients is an option for PC users.
  • Restart your computer: This is another another simple repair. On your PC or gaming console, end the game. Players using PCs should close their clients as well for a higher possibility of a fix. Restart your computer before starting the game. You should now be able to see your crossplay pals list after the Clark Monterey problem has been resolved.
  • Disable Re-enabling crossplay: It will be helpful because this is a crossplay issue with the game. Once it’s been turned off, restart your game and turn it back on to see if that fixes the issue.
  • Turn off any anti-lag software: Anti-lag software helps gamers perform better and avoid lag. But it might also have an impact on how you play. Check to check if your friends list error is fixed by temporarily disabling it.
  • Check for File Integrity: There’s a potential that the corrupt game files are the cause of your error. To scan the game files, just use the Steam or client from whence you downloaded the game. Any corrupted files will be replaced by it. Try playing the game again, and your Crossplay buddies list should appear.

This is your last opportunity to update the game. A remedy for this problem will eventually be released by the developers. Once it’s accessible, updating your game needsneed to assist with the problem’s self-resolution.