How Many Overwatch 2 Competitive Points Are Earned for a Win? (Answered)

There is a feature called ranked mode in the FPS games of the current generation. This makes it possible for players with comparable ranks to team together. The competitive play mode in Overwatch 2 has its own set of regulations. 

You must accumulate enough competitive points from each match if you wish to purchase a certain golden item in the game. In this guide, we’ll address every CP-related FAQ. 

But first, let’s see how many Comp Points you receive for each victory in Overwatch 2.

What Does a Win Earn in Overwatch 2 Competitive Points? (Answered)

overwatch 2 competitive points

In Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode, you receive 15 Comp Points for winning a match. However, you will only get 5 CP if the game is a draw. You should be aware that losing a game won’t give you any CP. 

You may go through the ranks and start with a respectable number of Comp Points by succeeding in competitive games in OW2. Golden Weapons can then be unlocked using these points.

Comp Points FAQ for OW2

To clear up any questions you may have about competitive points, please see our FAQ below.

How many Comp Points are required to rank in the top 500?

1,750 CP points will be awarded to you for finishing in the Top 500 Rankings of OW2 once the Ranked Season has ended.

How do I earn points for competitions?

After winning matches in OW2 competitive play, players can earn competitive points. But each outcome has a different point total.

Match victory: 15 CP points

Match Draws Earn Five CP Points

Match defeat: 0 CP Points

How Are Competitor Points Used?

In OW2, you can purchase gold weaponry for your characters using Competitive Points. To unlock the weapon of your choice, you must win hundreds of matches because each gold weapon costs 3000 competitive points.

How many victories are required to earn 3000 comp points?

To earn 3000 Comp Points in Competitive Play, you must win 200 games.

Everything about the number of comp points one can receive after a victory in Overwatch 2 has been clarified. We hope this has allayed your concerns.