What Does Overwatch 2 Mean By Stranded Spawns? (Explained)

Are you curious how Stranded Spawns will function in OW2? Learn more by reading this manual.

You may have read the term “stranded spawns” in the patch notes Blizzard released for Overwatch 2 Season 4, which refers to a newly additional feature designed to help you reassemble with your squad. 

If the description was a little unclear, this tutorial goes into more detail. Before I go into further depth, let me just say that “stranded spawns” are one of the key adjustments that developers have made since the initial release of OW 1 (along with the switch from 6v6 to 5v5). 

Let’s investigate this in greater detail now.

Explaining the Overwatch 2 Stranded Spawn System

standard spawns system in overwatch 2

In the new Overwatch 2 Stranded Spawn System, the initial spawn room (before losing a checkpoint) will continue to be partially operational for 7 seconds. 

Even though you still can’t alter the hero, you will be able to heal yourself, attackers won’t be able to enter the room, and an “interact” key will send you directly to the newly activated spawn chamber.

As you are aware, your spawn room changes depending on whether an objective is captured or lost. This lengthens the distance between your spawn room and the team, especially if you’re using a slow hero on a large, wide map. 

Defenders will benefit from this and low ELO players, especially new players, will surely benefit. Let’s also observe how it affects players with higher ELOs and how it alters the core principles of how we play the game. 

But first, here are the reactions of Reddit users to this new modification:

Staggered Spawns May Lower Team Staggering

Staggering, which is distinct from “Stagger” in other games like Elden Ring, is when a team will kill each member of the opposing team individually rather than eliminating them all at once. 

The other team will have to spawn one by one as a result, which will delay their ability to reassemble quickly. The aforementioned team will have extra time as a result to easily accomplish their goals.

All of it pertains to stranded spawning in OW2.