What Is A Good FPS For Gaming?

Do you love playing games and want to enjoy the best display on your screens? Do you want to know what is good FPS for gaming? Then, consider switching to 60 Frames Per Resolution which makes the game smooth and provides a fine experience.

What is good FPS for gaming?

As a gamer, you’d always love to experience smooth gameplay without any screen lagging, stuttering, or flickering. This is a living paradise for all the gamers out there.

We all like to set those graphics settings on max to bring the top-quality display. However, if you don’t have the right hardware. Chances are that your FPS rate might drop too.

So, what is a good FPS for gaming which is compatible with your hardware too?

Let’s check it out:

What is FPS or Frame Per Second?

what is FPS?
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If you have recently entered the gaming world, you might not be familiar with the word ‘FPS.’

FPS is an acronym for Frames Per Second, and measures the rate of frames processed on your screen per second.

This also applies to both film and video cameras as well.

In simple terms, higher the FPS your system processes, the smoother the gaming experience you can have.

Thus, it is very important to have good hardware, if not the best. So that you can continue enjoying your games without any disruption.

To have a good look at how different FPS rates (15, 30, 60, 120) appear. Check this video out on YouTube.

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Why is the Frame rate important?

Frame rate plays an essential role in videos, games, or movies.

Having a better frame rate turns out to be even more important if you’re a professional gamer or work on video software.

A low frame rate will not only give you a poor display with screen issues such as lagging, stuttering, but your gaming performance can also get affected.

Imagine playing on a 30 FPS monitor while your opponent plays on 120 FPS. Since the other player has better configurations, he might be able to see more quickly and act swiftly, leaving you in the dust.

Such factors can eventually decide the winning factor in the game, and you surely don’t want to get behind.

FPS Brackets:

Level of FPS
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The FPS has different brackets, indicating how a game will perform at each level. The following entails the differences between them:

  • 30 FPS

30 FPS means that your system will process 30 images per second. This sounds like a good deal, but if you prefer playing AAA titles, this will not be enough and you might need to upgrade your system.

  • 60 FPS

60 FPS is the most optimal setting for any game out there. If you can’t afford a high-end playing computer, don’t worry, 60 FPS will work perfectly even with the latest AAA titles. Going for a 60Hz monitor will work best for you.

  • 120 FPS

120 FPS will give you a relatively smoother experience than 60 FPS. You should have high end hardware to enjoy these settings, i.e., a monitor that has at least 120Hz refresh rate required to process these frames.

  • 240 FPS

To date, this is the highest FPS rate a gamer has achieved yet, and way better than 120 FPS. Attaining this level will require both money and time. You should have top of the line hardware and a monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate to make it compatible.

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What is Good FPS for Gaming?

You might be wondering among all these levels which should be best for gaming.

For decades, 30 FPS was an average standard for gamers to play their favorite games. However, as time passed, the hunger and desire for a better gaming experience rose among the people.

Once 30 FPS outdated, 60 FPS became the new benchmark and the best frame rate for gaming. This FPS level, as compared to others, provides a seamless experience during games without any screen issues or quality problems.

Also, 60 FPS doesn’t require top of the line products. You can easily get a 60Hz monitor and a GPU to fit your hardware requirements which doesn’t cost too much on your pockets.

The latest AAA titles run pretty well on 60 FPS and you would enjoy playing them unless it’s a First Person Shooter multiplayer game, such as CS: Global Offensive, that needs a bit higher FPS for a better gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

A good FPS rate brings a seamless gaming experience and allows you to play high quality graphic games without any screen issues.

60 FPS is the best rate for gaming nowadays, but if you are looking for more, gear up to spend some bucks on those expensive hardware.

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