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Hogwarts Legacy Amano Pikamee Controversy – Does She Retire?

Several well-known names experienced backlash as a result of J.K. Rowling’s remarks about the transgender community. An example of a VTuber (Streamers who use Avatars during live streams) who received harsh criticism in a similar way is Amano Pikamee.

All of this began in February, right around the time Hogwarts Legacy was released. The popular Vlogger has surprisingly announced her retirement from streaming in the midst of all this drama. Let’s examine in detail what Amano Pikamee’s Hogwarts Legacy Controversy actually entailed.

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Amano Pikamee’s retirement: Why? How the Hogwarts Legacy Connection Works?

Amano Pikamee's retirement: Why? How the Hogwarts Legacy Connection Works?

The internet criticized Hogwarts Legacy as a result of Rowling’s remarks. On February 10th, it was made available to all users internationally. However, Amano Pikamee announced that she would be streaming Hogwarts Legacy a few days earlier. She also pre-distributed the live stream link.

Sadly, because some audiences didn’t like it, this led to a string of unfortunate incidents.

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They stated that Amano Pikamee agreed with Rowling’s statement regarding the transgender population. Amano Pikamee was bullied online as a result of this. Following the Hogwarts Legacy Controversy, Amano Pikamee took a break from activity.

On March 1, 2023, the VOMS Project issued a startling announcement on Twitter. Amano Pikamee will be “Graduated” from the VOMS Project as of March 31 according to their statement.

They also asked the fans to continue to support her for the duration of her stint as a Vlogger. Unfortunately, her channel and videos will become private after March 31. Additionally, all Pikamee merchandise won’t be offered for purchase any longer.

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Graduating here actually means retiring rather than actually graduating. So certainly, the Hogwarts Legacy Controversy has caused Amano Pikamee to end her career.

In the midst of everything, Amano Pikamee uploaded a video to the channel with the headline “Arigatou!

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” She posted it to express her gratitude to all of her viewers and the Voms Project for their support. She also mentioned that on March 31 she will be streaming her last video.