How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Fire Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle

Do you want to know how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Fire Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle? Then you have come to the right place because all you need is this guide.

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You should attempt to solve as many Treasure Vaults as you can because there are plenty that rewards you.

Finding the answer to each one, though, can be challenging on occasion.

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Sometimes the solution is right in front of us, yet it is simple to dismiss it without giving it any thought.

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With this fire cube puzzle and others like it, that is somewhat the case.

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However, we will give you the answer so that you can finish the Fire Cube Treasure Vault puzzle quickly. You can quickly get the solution by scrolling down and continuing to read below.

How to Finish Hogwarts Legacy’s Fire Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle?

How to Finish Hogwarts Legacy's Fire Cube Treasure Vault Puzzle?

The first step in unlocking the Treasure Vault is to locate the cube nearby and set it on the stone pedestal. You can use Accio to transport it onto the stone pedal with you. Use Incendio to burn the Fire Cube after you’ve placed it on the stone pedestal to finish the Treasure Vault puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy.

When you’ve finished, you can go into the Treasure Vault and take the rewards out of there. It shouldn’t take long to locate the treasure vault because it is situated in the South Hogwarts area. As you move toward the Treasure Vault, you will pass the shack where Hagrid lived if you are familiar with the Harry Potter films.