High Supply Treasure Hunt Guide for Far Cry 6

Learn how to finish Far Cry 6’s High Supply Treasure Hunt.

In Far Cry 6, you can participate in the Treasure Hunt side task known as “High Supply.” Completing this quest will get you additional goodies, just like other treasure hunts. These can also be utilized to create other weapons and game-related Resolver items. 

Therefore, scroll down to learn how to finish FC6’s High Supply Treasure Hunt.

How do you finish the Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt?

How do you finish the Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt?

You must first travel to Lozania to start the High Supply Treasure Hunt in FC6. Just check for the diamond icon on the map in this area rather than searching for it. You may receive the waypoint on your HUD by just tracking the quest. 

You’ll find it a lot simpler to get there as a result of this. Once you arrive, all you need to do is interact with the orange box to start the task. Now turn to your left and clamber up the ledge that has orange paint on it. 

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Here’s a helpful hint for finishing this mission: just climb up onto all of the ledges that have orange paint on them. For the High Supply Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6, these will act as waypoint markers.

When you arrive here, you will encounter a grapple point. Get to the top of this granite facade by climbing it. Now proceed along the trail and cross the wooden bridge. Following that, you will enter a cave and descend using a slide. 

You’ll have to make another use of the grapple hooks at the bottom of this slide. You will notice a big gap once you are on the ledge. You can see jutting rock faces if you look to the left.

How do you finish the Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt?

To traverse the opening, use these nearby rock faces. These faces must be alternated and jumped between. Once more, keep an eye out for the orange paint markings.

Once more, a few more spidey swings with the grapple will get you through to the other side. Cut the vines that are in your way as you make your way out of the cave by climbing. Continue on the path until you reach a new grappling point. 

How do you finish the Far Cry 6 High Supply Treasure Hunt?

In Far Cry 6, you can now see the smoke coming from the High Supply Treasure. Swing over to the ledge, then remain there motionless. 

To make the rocks fall off, shoot the orange netting. You will then have access to more climbing ledges as a result of this. To open it, just climb up and walk over to the supply drop.

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