Weapon Wheel Flickering Glitch Fix for Far Cry 6 V1.05

Far Cry 6’s weapon wheel is not working. Try it!

Are you currently engaged in battle when, all of a sudden, the weapon wheel stops appearing? By default, nothing happens when you press the Q key on your keyboard. 

I quickly discovered that I wasn’t the only one because, while the scenarios vary depending on the player, the weapon wheel glitch persists. Unfortunately, this also appears to be occurring during cooperative play, and it appears that quick travel may be a factor in this bug’s occurrence. 

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Is there a remedy available, or are you confined to your current weapon?

How to Fix the Weapon Wheel Flickering Bug in Far Cry 6 (v1.05)

How to Fix the Weapon Wheel Flickering Bug in Far Cry 6 (v1.05)

To repair the Far Cry 6 weapon wheel flickering bug, just restart the game after closing it. Yes, thankfully, there isn’t a lengthy, step-by-step process that you must adhere to. We attempted to exit the game by deleting and reopening the save file, but it was unsuccessful. 

The Q key on the keyboard was still not bringing up the weapon wheel after continuing the save file. After quitting the desktop and restarting FC6, the problems were resolved,and the weapon wheel worked as intended. 

One of the solutions to these problems is to restart the client. So you are aware of what to do in the event that any of these mistakes occur.

How to Fix the Weapon Wheel Flickering Bug in Far Cry 6 (v1.05)

Close the game and reload it in order to fix the problem for those who are experiencing it while playing cooperatively or after fast travel. It cannot be resolved by leaving and returning to the session. 

And no, you don’t need to check the game files or download the entire game again for this reason. So hopefully that takes care of the issue, and you are now free to select any weapon from your wheel, as well as to call for a ride or equip a fishing rod. 

Speaking of vehicles and fishing, we have a ton of Far Cry 6 guides that you can check out. 

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