How Can Far Cry 6’s Sundown Bug Be Fixed?

Learn how to cure the Far Cry 6 Sundown problem by reading this article.

Unfortunately, Far Cry 6 has seen a number of bugs in its missions, and the Sundown quest is also one of these cases. You won’t be able to trace the mission on your map due to the issue, making it challenging to monitor your progress. 

This article will demonstrate how to remedy the bug, putting an end to all of your problems with it.

How Can Far Cry 6’s Sundown Bug Be Fixed?

How Can Far Cry 6's Sundown Bug Be Fixed?

Return to the scene from the Sundown Mission

We advise returning to the camp at the beginning of the mission if you encounter the “Sundown” glitch that causes your mission progress to vanish from the map. You will need to travel there either by vehicle or by plane because you cannot quickly travel to the camp. 

Once you’ve done that, the cutscene will start again. You may need to read this article again for more solutions if this does not resolve your problem.

Search for updates for Far Cry 6

The problem might occur because the game is running on an outdated version. We advise you to see if any pending updates exist in order to rule out this probable cause. If you do come across such updates that haven’t been installed yet, you should get them.

Check to see if the bug is still present during the Sundown mission after downloading the aforementioned updates. If it doesn’t, your problem has been resolved. If it does, though, you might want to look at the other options in this manual.

To cure the sundown bug, restart Far Cry 6

This is a really straightforward answer. Simply exit Far Cry 6 and start it up again. Immediately after the game begins, return to the Sundown mission. Now see if you can follow your location on the map. 

Please be aware that since you will be exiting the game, you risk losing the current status of your mission. Ensure that you save any progress you make.

Install Far Cry 6 again

If all else fails, you could be forced to remove the game from your device and reinstall it. It might almost work if you do that.

These are all feasible fixes for the problem in Far Cry 6‘s Sundown mission. This problem is not a serious one, as you can see. However, it could be fairly inconvenient; therefore, it is preferable to have it fixed as soon as possible.

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