Far Cry 6 FOV Problem PC Fix [SOLVED]

You don’t like the FOV in this game. Learn how to lessen motion sickness while fixing FOV issues in Far Cry 6 for PC players here.

Players can explore a richer and larger landscape in Far Cry 6. You can travel between locations by swimming, riding a horse, and operating various vehicles. 

Below are the measures you can take to resolve the Far Cry 6 FOV issue on PC.

How to Fix the PC Far Cry 6 FOV Problem?

How to Fix the PC Far Cry 6 FOV Problem?

To fix the FOV issues while playing FC 6 on your PC, follow these steps:

  • Open the HXD editor after downloading and installing it.
  • Ctrl + O is pressed.
  • Open the FC_m64d3d12.dll file in HXD by going to Far Cry 6bin.
  • Input Ctrl and R.
  • Then select hex values.
  • Verify that the search direction is set to All.
  • Replace 84 D2 74 19 F3 0F 10 05 with 84 D2 74 00 F3 0F 10 05 by looking for that number.
  • Select OK.
  • File saving.
  • Launch Far Cry 6 now.

Hopefully, this will resolve the FOV difficulties in Far Cry 6. You won’t have to be concerned about problems while driving, cycling, or swimming any longer. 

Members /u/killer-m and /u/Wintermance of Reddit provided this response.

On Reddit, numerous players have attested that this works for them. This should still function if you attempt it in cooperative mode. If it still doesn’t work, go over the steps once more to check if there was anything you missed.

How to Play Far Cry 6 Without Feeling Motion Sick?

How to Play Far Cry 6 Without Feeling Motion Sick?

You can adjust the game settings by doing the following to lessen motion sickness:

  • Press Esc to pause the game.
  • Select Quality under Options > Video.
  • How to stop motion sickness in Far Cry 6:
  • Navigate to Motion.
  • Change the camera shake setting to “minimal.” Turn off the “drunk and poisoned” effects.

That is all there is to know about the PC Far Cry 6 FOV issue repair. 

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