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How to Get Grenades in Far Cry 6 and Refill and Resupply Them

Playing FC6, are you out of grenades? You can get them with the help of this tutorial.

You can utilize a number of weapons in Far Cry 6. Even though that might be the case, it’s crucial to retain a store of these guns and their ammunition. A grenade is one such weapon. These are particularly helpful because they deal some area damage and are practical for eliminating several adversaries. 

So let’s look at where to find grenades in Far Cry 6 and how to restock them when you run out in this guide.

In Far Cry 6, how can you get grenades?

In Far Cry 6, how can you get grenades?

These are the only methods for obtaining grenades in FC6:

  • Grenades can be discovered at random when exploring ammunition cases. Consequently, constantly keep an eye out for them when you are at the opposing base because you never know which case will contain which item.
  • This is by far the simplest and only surefire technique to get and reload your grenades. All you need to do is use Fast Travel to get to the closest camp to where you are. Boom! Your grenades are refreshed once you return to camp. so simple, in fact.
  • Go to the back of the ride you used to arrive at the objective or the location you are in and check it. You can replenish your supply of grenades by pressing E at this point. However, in the odd event that ended up going somewhere without a ride, this approach will not be effective.

Either of these approaches will allow you to quickly or instantly stock up on grenades.

That is all there is to know about getting andateloading grenades in Far Cry 6.

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