Where to Find Pelicans in Far Cry 6 and How to Feed Them?

Read this article to find out where to find pelicans in Far Cry 6 and how to feed them.

One of the various animal species you can find in Far Cry 6 is the pelican, and like many of these critters, you may feed them in the game. The intriguing tale of the game will require you to feed these birds at some point. It can be challenging to feed them if you are unfamiliar with the chore. 

You need not worry, though, since we will show you how to feed them and where to look for them in this tutorial.

How and where can I find pelicans in Far Cry 6?

How and where can I find pelicans in Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, all you have to do is keep an eye out for one of these birds to land before feeding it. When a bird does land, you must approach them gradually. Crouch while you do this since even a little movement will startle the pelican.

Keep a watchful eye out for pelicans’ sounds if you can’t see them. These weird and distinctive noises should be easy to recognize. Once you hear them, simply follow the sounds; this will take you right there.

A popup with a brief cutscene will appear on your screen as soon as you are close enough to the pelican. You will see your character giving the pelican a fish in this cutscene.

And in FC6, feeding pelicans is as simple as doing that. Let’s look at where you can find them now that we know how to accomplish it.

Pelican locations in FC6

Generally speaking, pelicans may be seen in and around Yara. On the Far Cry 6 map, the La Joya region is where you’ll find and feed these birds in the best numbers. 

Once you arrive, you will discover a pelican hunting location close to the water. To have the best chances of feeding these birds, you should go to this location.

That is all there is to know about pelicans in Far Cry 6 and how to feed them. You can see how simple it is to feed these birds. Simply avoid making any unexpected moves that might startle them, and everything should be alright.

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