Review of the Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6

Is the Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6 any good? Will it be worthwhile to invest the time? Learn more from this review.

Far Cry 6 is the most recent game in the Far Cry series that Ubisoft has released. Here is how the game works if you haven’t already played it: You take on the role of local Yaran Dani Rojas from the island of Yara. 

Antón Castillo, the dictator who currently rules over Yara, is hell-bent on using his son to restore his country to its former glory. The goal of the game is to liberate Yara from his clutches with the help of the Libertads. 

Three free DLCs are included with the game if you purchase it. The Vanishing is one of them. This is the Stranger Things Crossover DLC for Far Cry 6. But the question remains: is it worthwhile to play the Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC? Well, I specifically created this review for that. 

This review will cover every aspect of the Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC, good and bad, so you don’t have to.

Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6: The Vanishing Mission Review

Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6: The Vanishing Mission Review

Before we begin our review of Far Cry 6‘s Stranger Things DLC, there is important information you should be aware of. If you don’t want the DLC to be spoiled, click away from this review as it contains minor spoilers. 

After that, please find my review of the Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC. The DLC is a mission line that guides you through the Stranger Things television series on Netflix. Anyone who has watched the show will immediately understand what is going on and what needs to be done.

Story of the Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6

Just after the USSR’s collapse, the Stranger Things DLC for Far Cry 6 begins. This is significant since the opening of the Shadow Place was the result of scientific investigations conducted by the Russians. 

The Upside Down is here for fans of Stranger Things. Dani observes that many of her fellow guerrillas had vanished at the start of the mission. The natives claim that a creature is responsible for all of this. 

Your primary goal is to locate the missing guerrillas. You hear a woman’s voice in your thoughts early on in the story. That is Shest, an odd Russian woman who contacts you psychically and informs you that your comrades are in the Shadow Place.

However, as the story goes on, the creature the townspeople warned you about attacks you. You lose Chorizo in that assault. Your goal has now been expanded to include saving Chorizo as well as the guerrillas.

The vanished mission

The DLC’s opening mission is called “The Vanishing.” The location of this mission is West Madrugada. Some requirements must be met before you may begin the mission. 

The following missions must be completed as a prerequisite:

Perform all missions on Isla Santuario.

    Take A Trip To One Of The Guerrilla Camps

      A Call Comes In From Juan

      The Vanishing Mission will appear in Lozania, West Madrugada, following the completion of these missions. You’ll only have a certain amount of weapons and ammunition once it starts. Therefore, resource management is crucial. 

      The task is straightforward: enter, eliminate the adversaries, and save Chorizo. Throughout the entire mission, you will only receive four weapons. The PMM, Nethershot, Comrade, and Flamethrower are those weapons. 

      The Nethershot and Flamethrower, in my opinion, were the most enjoyable to use. These two weapons both inflict damage on others. The best thing is that, once the DLC is finished, you get to keep these two.

      Similarities to the Show

      Based on the Netflix series Stranger Things, Far Cry 6’s Stranger Things DLC is available. This is not novel because we are all aware of it. However, this is where it originated for those who haven’t seen the show. 

      A group of young people attempt to save their friend, who was taken hostage by the same creature in the DLC in the show. The Demogorgon is the creature. It is a powerful, unbreakable entity that can move between the upside-down world and the real world.

      With the apparent modifications needed to make it work in Far Cry 6, the DLC has maintained the show’s basic premise. A giant is visible in the distance in the DLC. It is referred to as the Mind Flayer in the show. 

      Any caught organism can be under the Mind Flayer’s influence. That explains the foes in Far Cry 6’s Shadow Place. The players might also inquire about Eleven. She appears in the game, yet she also does not. If you want to find out, play the DLC.


      The Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC is fairly well made. While keeping the traits of the game, it captures the essence of the Netflix show. The atmosphere, music, and style are fantastic and perfectly match the theme. 

      The DLC is the ideal source of nostalgia for the show’s fans, transporting them back to their memories and the chills they felt. This is the ideal time for anybody who didn’t watch the show to go watch it. especially given that the fourth season will start very soon. 

      I can attest that the DLC is worthwhile as a gamer who has had firsthand experience with both. It is exciting, action-packed, and allows you to unleash a lot of fire carnage. The DLC was a little on the short side, and I had hoped for additional missions. 

      To sum up, the DLC is generally a good product. It does a good job of incorporating the Stranger Things vibe into Far Cry 6. It gives supporters of both teams the chance to enjoy the game and the show.