Review of the Far Cry 6 Pagan Min Control DLC

Is this DLC time well spent? Here is my evaluation.

We were able to play the second downloadable content (DLC) for Far Cry 6’s Season Pass, and it is definitely not what you would be anticipating. This DLC will be included if you already own the FC6 Season Pass, allowing you to play it right away. 

This evaluation will assist you in making a decision if you are among the others who are still debating whether to get the premium season pass or not. 

To find out what I think about this DLC, read my review of Far Cry 6‘s Pagan Min Control.

Control DLC for Far Cry 6: Review

Control DLC for Far Cry 6: Review

Plot and Scene

You enter Kyrat, a fictional nation, right away thanks to the Control DLC for FC6. The nicest part is that you get to play as Pagan Min and learn more about him. None other than the well-known Troy Baker provided the voice. 

Troy Baker exhibits his incredible talent once more and spectacularly brings Pagan Min to life. This DLC, in my opinion, more than makes up for all the potential lost in FC4.

You might be relieved to see that Control has a pretty similar course to the first DLC of the FC6 season pass, Insanity. Beginning with a joyful meal with Ishwari, their daughter Lakshmana, and even Ajay Ghale, Pagan Min opens the DLC. 

Suddenly, Pagan’s demonic dark side appearance murders Lakshmana before Pagan is shot. You awaken in Pagan’s prison mind, searching for a means to tame your dark nature and reunite with your family.

The entire Kyrat is based on the area from FC4, although it has undergone significant changes because the events are taking place in Pagan’s mind. This is similar to the previous DLC. 

A huge terrain that you can replay to find better loot each time has taken on the role of the entire open world. Yes, that is accurate. The game’s difficulty is divided into five distinct mind levels, and the gameplay adheres to the rogue-lite framework of the previous DLC.

Pagan Min, despite your best efforts to conceal the injustices of the past, eventually comes to embrace them as your own faults. Talkingindicatingr inner dark side while playing the game, taking responsibility for your errors, showing empathy for them, and making apologies to them are all part of this. 

The entire event manifests in Kyrat’s spirit world, with manifestations taking the form of troops from the Golden Path. However, in contrast to the FC4, the foes are painted in vivid colors, and when you fire them, they too dissolve into colorful smoke.

Since he symbolizes your destruction (the DLC follows the FC4 ending in which Ajay shot down Pagan’s helicopter), Ajay Ghale occasionally makes a cameo, serving as a mini-boss in between quests. 

Your objectives are to repair damaged sculptures, gather the pieces of your face mask, safeguard your family, and join forces with Lakshmana. 

In FC4’s “Spare” ending, Pagan explains that he simply went to Lakshmana’s shrine as a rational person and left it looking “like this.” Indicating that Mohan (who killed Lakshmana) was the target of his vengeance, which led to the loss of his daughter, which is what led to his harsh reign and all the cruelty towards Golden Path and the people.

Troy Baker gives a superb vocal performance, describing and walking us through each emotion Pagan experiences as a real human. The contents of this DLC are worthwhile if you liked FC4 and want to learn more about its setting and specifics. Second only to Vaas, it immediately transports you into the head of one of the main adversaries.

Gameplay and graphics

It appears that the Far Cry 6 DLC, Pagan Min Control, has been maintained at a level comparable to yet different from the main FC6 game, unlike the Insanity DLC, which aimed to stick with the original FC3. 

The overall graphics and details appeared nicer and cleaner than before, in my opinion. Additionally, you feel as though the field of vision is better and that the general greenery and other features seem better by doing away with the expansive open world in the DLC.

Once again, the gunplay is the main point of interest. and the developers got that part right. Being a rogue-lite, you begin each run with only a pistol and complete them to earn new weapons, respect, and even significant powerups, making you stronger each time. 

The only restriction is that, unless you get to one of the numerous safehouses before dying, you lose any non-permanent stats and weapons. Level 1 is the best way to ease you into the new gameplay with a moderate degree of difficulty. 

You will get to view a cinematic that provides additional insight into Pagan’s thinking, his feelings, and his love for his daughter every time you complete a significant objective. These scenes enhance the entire arc of Far Cry 4 and serve as a fitting conclusion.


Control DLC for Far Cry 6: Review

The FC6 developers made one of the wisest choices in Far Cry DLC history when they chose to focus the Season Pass features on the enemies from the previous games. 

Combining the Far Cry formula with weapons and rogue-lite is a novel way to approach the game’s recurring gameplay of revealing checkpoints and liberating territory. If it weren’t for the brief playtime and constrained story aspects, this innovative gameplay approach might have merited its own stand-alone game. 

However, you get to bring back some delights like unlockable clothing accessories into your main FC6 game for Dani Rojas to rock and a full closure on Pagan Min as a powerful figure in the franchise.

So, taking everything into account, we give a resounding “yes” for you to play it and that it will be worthwhile for you in this Far Cry 6 DLC Control Review. 

And after playing this DLC, we may declare that the Season Pass, which also includes the DLCs for Vaas’ Insanity and Joseph’s Collapse, is an excellent investment right now. 

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