Fix for Far Cry 6’s dialogue-sounding bug

You may learn how to resolve the Far Cry 6 No Dialogue Sound Bug by following this guide.

A new problem in Far Cry 6 causes the cutscene to be silent during dialogue. This is a fresh set of problems that have plagued the game since it was first released. Fortunately, each of these is rather simple to correct. 

The “no dialogue sound” issue in the game has the same effect. There are subtitles for the cutscenes, so it is not a game-breaking issue. 

Therefore, scroll down to learn how to cure the FC6 “No Dialogue Sound” error.

How can the Far Cry 6 No Dialogue Sound problem be fixed?

How can the Far Cry 6 No Dialogue Sound problem be fixed?

Go to the screen’s pause menu, then back, to resolve the “No Dialogue Sound” problem in FC6. The first time I encountered this problem, this worked for me. But occasionally, this problem lingers and calls for a little more persuasion. 

Usually, all that needs to be done at such times is press the Windows button to put the game in the background and then reopen it. Sadly, it’s also possible that this won’t work. All the important measures are now coming. 

Go to the speaker icon in the bottom ri-ht corner of the screen after minimizing the game. In order to fix thethe “Dialogue SouSound”ror in Far Cry 6, click on it and alter the audio output once more.

You must open the Ubisoft Connect application in a different, slightly longer way. Once you arrive here, just go to Settings. 

English should be used as the interface language. Start the game now. This should only be used as a last option because it means quitting the game.

This will teach you how to resolve the “No Dialogue Sound” bug in Far Cry 6.

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