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Knuckleball bug fix for Far Cry 6

This article will teach you how to cure the Far Cry 6 knuckleball glitch. According to reports, the Knuckleball Mission in Far Cry 6 has a glitch that players want fixed right away.  We’ll walk you through how to resolve the Knuckleball glitch in Far Cry 6 in this article.

Knuckleball bug fix for Far Cry 6

Knuckleball bug fix for Far Cry 6
According to the bug, the convoy just vanishes after the marker misses the spot at Schaub Pass. Although there isn’t a direct cure for this bug, you can undoubtedly work around it.  Here’s how to go about it.

                Start the game over

                Any start-up issues can be updated by restarting the game, which also removes any glitches.

                Update Far Cry 6

                It’s occasionally conceivable that a little portion of the game’s files wasn’t correctly parsed. Simply remove the game and reinstall it to fix this. For Far Cry 6 to fix the Knuckleball Bug, please report it. Consider contacting the developers on Ubisoft Support if the problem continues. If you’ve reported a bug that’s actually bothering the community, there’s a chance you’ll also get compensated for it. That essentially completes the process of resolving the Knuckleball bug in Far Cry 6. 

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