Locations of Gabriel statues in Far Cry 6

Learn where to find and how to obtain Gabriel statues in Paint the Town in FC6 by reading this tutorial.

Vandalizing the 12 Gabriel Statues is one of the tasks you will have in Far Cry 6’s Paint the Town Yaran Story. Vandalism is a kind of protest in the game, making it crucial to finish this particular plot. 

Furthermore, the story has a significant backstory because it was Zenia Zayas’ father’s final desire. You must be aware of where these statues are if you want to complete this task successfully. 

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the entire quest, showing you where to locate the sculptures and how to deface them.

Locations of the Gabriel statues in Far Cry 6

Locations of the Gabriel statues in Far Cry 6

                          Statues 1 through 8 are located outside the city, while statues 9 through 12 are located inside the city’s restricted inner zone.

                          Until you actually find the statues, you won’t know where they are. But if you follow this tale, you’ll be able to view some of the statues on the map as diamond-shaped icons. As soon as you see these statues, we advise you to vandalize them.

                          How Should the Mission Begin?

                          How Should the Mission Begin?

                          You need to first meet Zenia Zayas before you can start the “Paint the Town” assignment. You will have to do so when taking part in the Yaran stories in Madrugada. If you do not want to risk anything, we recommend you first complete the stories that will give you the Senor Pinga tank.

                          You need to meet Zayas in her Mercurio Mecanico hideout southwest of Esperanza after completing the aforementioned objectives. After you do so, you will receive the “Paint the Town” mission. 

                          Completing this mission will give you a reward of 100 XP, an Orange Paint Bucket Charm, as well as a Zenia as a Bandido Leader. The main premise of the quest is to fulfill Zenia’s father’s dying wish to vandalize the very statues that he had crafted. 

                          This is because he wants to make amends for his mistakes with the words of Libertad. And that is just about it. With the help of this guide and detailed walkthrough, you will be able to easily complete the “Paint the Town” mission in Far Cry 6

                          Since the locations of the statues do not make themselves known until the very moment you find them, this mission can prove to be a little tricky for many. With the locations of the Gabriel statues now written down for you in this guide, you will be able to easily find them and vandalize them. 

                          By doing so, you will complete the mission and fulfill the dying wish of Zenia’s father. Additionally, you will also receive some exciting rewards and bonuses for successfully completing the mission. 

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