How to Improve Camp Facilities in Far Cry 6?

In FC6, you can construct several camp amenities. Find out how to improve your base.

In Far Cry 6, understanding camp facilities or the foreman is crucial. It is essential since each camp site offers a unique set of advantages when constructed. 

So, we’ll explore how to improve the foundation and upgrade priorities for other camp facilities in this article.

Far Cry 6: Base Upgrade Instructions

Base Upgrade Instructions

In FC6, unlocking and upgrading any base requires the use of scrap materials, metals, medications, and other things. As the game progresses, you can find these materials all across Yara. 

The first step in upgrading is to set up a camp. By approaching the foreman at the construction counter, you can accomplish it. Speak with the foreman at the construction counter to enhance the base. The map can be upgraded by choosing the level of upgrade.

What is the best camp facility to enhance in Far Cry 6?

What is the best camp facility to enhance in Far Cry 6?

Here are the bases you should improve in what sequence, and what you get overall if you max them up.

              That concludes our guide on how to upgrade your base in Far Cry 6 and your camp facilities’ priority. 

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