Comparison Of Real Vs. Fake Statues From ACNH

Here’s how to tell whether a statue in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is real or phony.

The artifacts that can be bought to either decorate your island or donate to the museum are works of art. Famous paintings and statues are among the works of art that served as inspiration for these creations. 

Redd, a crafty fox who can even sell you a phony copy of the artwork, is the person who sells these. This article will help you distinguish between real and fraudulent statues in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH). Players may overlook little features and purchase a fraudulent duplicate of a statue.

How to Spot a Fake from a Real Statue at the ACNH?

How to Spot a Fake from a Real Statue at the ACNH?

There are 13 artifacts in the game, and the following is a list of every statue and its imitations:

1. A Historic Statue

The ancient statue will have an antenna, and occasionally its eyes will light up as well.

2. A Lovely Statue

The stunning statue is the Statue of Venus, and in the original artwork, Venus isn’t wearing a necklace.

3. Common Statue

This monument is real, now and forever.

4. A Beautiful Statue

A book will be in the false gallant statue’s hand.

5. Amazing Statue

This monument is real, now and forever.

6. Educational Statue

The actual Rosetta stone appears grayish black, but the fraudulent one features a blue Rosetta stone.

7. Motherly Statue

Motherly Statue

The phony Motherly Statue will have its tongue hanging out.

8. Magical Statue

This statue will be wearing a fake earring.

9. Robust Statue

The fake statue will be wearing a wrist watch.

10. Rock-head Statue

The fake will be wearing a smiling face, and it is very tough to identify.

11. Tremendous Statue

Tremendous Statue

Only a fake tremendous statue will have a lid on it; the real one does not have a lid on it. 

12. Valiant Statue

Even the Valiant statue is difficult to tell apart. You must keep an eye out for Nike’s legs. While the real one will have the right leg forward, the fake one will have the left leg forward.

13. Soldier statue

There is no shovel in the hands of the authentic Chinese terracotta warrior statue.

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How do you purchase works of art?

In the game, Jolly Redd sells the artwork. He’ll haphazardly dock his treasure trawler ship on your island. He can only bring four pieces of art at a time, and occasionally he doesn’t have any. Only one piece per day is available from him for 4,980 bells. 

However, exercise caution because he also sells fake artwork. These pieces of art can be used to adorn your island or given to a museum. You will be able to improve this building by giving these works of art to the museum.

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