All Bug Creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The list of all the bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is provided below.

Nintendo produced the social simulation game Animal Crossing New Horizons. In the game, you may engage in activities such as digging, fishing, bug-catching, cooking, and more. The enjoyment is amplified when you play with friends. 

Speaking of catching bugs, the game has a vast range of bugs. Some are year-round, while others are seasonal. A significant prize is possible if you catch the proper ones. I’ll give you a list of every bug creature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in this tutorial.

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List of all bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

List of all bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here is a list of all the Bug Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with a variety of them in the game.

No.NameSell  PriceAvailability in the Northern HemisphereAvailability in the Southern Hemisphere
1Giraffe Stag12,000July and AugustJanuary to February
2Golden Stag12,000July and AugustJanuary to February
3Horned Hercules12,000July and AugustJanuary to February
4Giant Stag10,000July to AugustJanuary to February
5Scarab Beetle10,000July and AugustJanuary to February
6Cyclommatus Stag8,000July and AugustJanuary to February
7Goliath Beetle8,000June to SeptemberDecember to March
8Horned Atlas8,000July and AugustJanuary to February
9Horned Elephant8,000July and AugustJanuary to February
10Scorpion8,000May to OctoberNovember to April
11Tarantula8,000November to AprilMay to October
12Rainbow Stag6,000June to SeptemberDecember to March
13Banded Dragonfly4,500May to OctoberNovember to April
14Emperor Butterfly4000December to March and June to SeptemberJune to September and December to March
15Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing4,000May to SeptemberNovember to March
16Agrias Butterfly3,000April to SeptemberOctober to March
17Atlas Moth3,000April to SeptemberOctober to March
18Dung Beetle3,000December to FebruaryJune to August
19The Great Purple Emperor3000May to AugustNovember to February
20Rosalia Batesi Beetle3,000May to SeptemberNovember to March
21Madagascan Sunset Moth2,500April to SeptemberOctober to March
22Peacock Butterfly2500March to JuneSeptember to December
23Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing2,500December to February & April to SeptemberJune to August & October to March
24Wasp2,500All yearAll year
25Jewel Beetle2,400April to AugustOctober to February
26Orchid Mantis2,400March to NovemberSeptember to May
27Giant Water Bug2,000April to SeptemberOctober to March
28Saw Stag2,000July & AugustJanuary to February
29Tiger Beetle1,500February to OctoberAugust to April
30Horned Dynastid1,350July to AugustJanuary to February
31Hermit Crab1,000All yearAll year
32Man-Faced Stink Bug1,000March to OctoberSeptember to April
33Miyama Stag1,000July to AugustJanuary to February
34Paper Kite Butterfly1000All yearAll year
35Blue Weevil Beetle800July to AugustJanuary to February
36Diving Beetle800May to SeptemberNovember to March
37Bagworm600All yearAll year
38Migratory Locust600August to NovemberFebruary to May
39Spider600All yearAll year
40Walking Leaf600July to SeptemberJanuary to March
41Walking Stick600July to NovemberJanuary to May
42Evening Cicada550July to AugustJanuary to February
43Damselfly500November to FebruaryMay to August
44Giant Cicada500July to AugustJanuary to February
45Mole Cricket500November to MayMay to November
46Violin Beetle450May to June & September to NovemberMarch to May & November to December
47Bell Cricket430September to OctoberMarch to April
48Mantis430March to NovemberSeptember to May
49Rice Grasshopper400August to NovemberFebruary to May
50Walker Cicada400August to SeptemberFebruary & March
51Citrus Long-Horned Beetle350All yearAll year
52Centipede300September to JuneMarch to December
53Common Bluebottle300April to AugustOctober to February
54Earth-Boring Dung Beetle300July to SeptemberJanuary to March
56Robust Cicada300July and AugustJanuary to February
57Brown Cicada250July to AugustJanuary to February
58Pill Bug250September to JuneMarch to December
59Snail250All yearAll year
60Tiger Butterfly240March to SeptemberSeptember to March
61Darner Dragonfly230April to OctoberOctober to April
62Drone Beetle200June to AugustDecember to February
63Honeybee200March to JulySeptember to January
64Ladybug200March to June & OctoberApril & September to December
65Long Locust200April to NovemberOctober to May
66Wharf Roach200All yearAll year
67Red Dragonfly180September to OctoberMarch to April
68Common Butterfly160September to JuneMarch to December
69Grasshopper160July to SeptemberJanuary to March
70Yellow Butterfly160March to June & September to OctoberMarch to April & September to December
71Monarch Butterfly140September to NovemberMarch to May
72Cricket130September to NovemberMarch to May
73Mosquito130June to SeptemberDecember to March
74Moth130All yearAll year
75Pondskater130May to SeptemberNovember to March
76Stinkbug120March to OctoberSeptember to April
77Ant80All yearAll year
78Flea70April to NovemberOctober to May
79Fly60All yearAll year
80Cicada Shell10July to AugustJanuary to February

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