Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Customization Kits

This short tutorial will show you how to obtain more customization kits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  You can purchase customization kits in Animal Crossing New Horizons to alter the appearance of any craft project. 

You start off on a nearly desolate island in the popular Animal Crossing franchise’s fifth installment. You can grow a town-like settlement there as you advance through the game. You can design your tools and furniture to match the town’s vibe in order to create the house of your dreams here.

How to gain more kits and unlock customization options in ACNH is explained in this guide.

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How to Get More Kits & Unlock Customization?

How to Get More Kits & Unlock Customization?

You can construct a museum and invite three new neighbors to move onto your island as you advance through the game. Once you’ve done that, Tom Nook will conduct a customization workshop at Resident Services. 

He will first provide you with a wardrobe recipe, though. Create it, then deliver it to him so he may open the workshop. You can begin modifying goods once you’ve finished this workshop.

Interact with any DIY workbench to modify items. 

Next, decide which piece of furniture needs to be modified. To customize, select from the many options and click the (+) button. Be aware that some furniture will require more than one kit to complete. That implies that you need to find a way to acquire more.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Is Adding More Customization Kits

You can get 50 customization kits from Tom Nook after finishing his workshop. Talk to Timmy in the Nook’s Cranny Shop to obtain additional modification kits. You can stack 50 of the kits at once, and he will sell them to you for 600 bells apiece. 

They can also be sold for 150 bells, which is a poor price, so we advise against doing so. As you advance, the shop’s selection option will become available, and you can purchase the kits there.

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