Animal Crossing New Horizons Log Stakes Making Instructions

To learn how to obtain log stakes in Animal Crossing New Horizons, refer to this tutorial. The fifth installment in the well-known Animal Crossing series is called New Horizons. The extremely comprehensive life-simulation experience that this game offers is something you definitely do not want to miss.

One of the most crucial tasks you’ll complete in this game is crafting. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in a few of the quests you will encounter. Building bridges is an example of a task that calls for log stakes. If you are brand-new to this game and know nothing whatsoever about it, this guide has you covered. 

Continue reading to learn how to get or in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, make a log stake.

How to Get Log Stakes in New Horizons’ Animal Crossing?

How to Get Log Stakes in New Horizons' Animal Crossing?

Tom Nook gives you a few crafting instructions early on in New Horizons. For those who aren’t aware, the recipes you obtain early on in the game follow you throughout. On your NookPhone, go to the DIY Recipes tab to access those recipes. 

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, 3x wood is the crafting formula for Log Stake. You only need to go to a DIY workbench and create it there. Additionally, remember that the wood you are using is just regular wood. 

Due to the fact that a softwood or hardwood will not provide you with a log stake, In the early stages of Animal Crossing New Horizons, log stakes can be used. It can be used extensively to ensure that your island appears neat and well-organized. 

A log stake can be used as a crafting component to create a bridge construction kit. For each bridge construction kit, you need four log stakes, four bags of clay, and four bags of stone.

A log stake’s appearance can also be modified in New Horizons. A customization kit and 1000x bells are all that are required. Additionally, you can even sell them for 360 bells if you are running low on bells.

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