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Guide for the Far Cry 6 Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt

Learn how to accomplish the Parting Gifts treasure hunt in FC6 by reading this tutorial.

One of the various treasure hunts you can locate in Far Cry 6 is the “Parting Gifts” mission. This specific hunt is the most difficult of them all, and finishing it might be challenging for many people. You don’t need to worry if you’re one of those people who finds it challenging to solve the puzzles that make up this treasure hunt.

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We’ll go into great depth on how to finish it in this guide.

How Do I Finish The Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt In Far Cry 6?

How Do I Finish The Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt In Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, you must travel to the east of El Este to start the Parting Gifts treasure quest. The precise site is inside a small farmer’s camp. You can easily locate this area because it has a box.

The hunt’s story and justification will be presented in this area as a letter. At this point, get in the truck and carefully drive it up to the hut. The water pump is to the left, and it can be powered by plugging the generator into the hut. 

You only need to turn the valve to start the pump. You’ll do this to discharge the water, which will then put out the fire. Once the fire has been put out, you must enter the burning structure and move toward the back wall.

You can gaze through the vent on this wall, which is there for your convenience. There should be a lock in the ceiling that you can locate. Grab your weapon, and shoot this lock.

After that, proceed to the roof and search for an open hatch. You must search within the hatch for a key once you’ve located it. You can use this key to open the storage space we specified earlier in this article. 

Parting Gifts

The aforementioned key should be located on a tiny wall-mounted cabinet. You can finish the Parting Gifts treasure hunt in FC6 after you unlock this room and take everything within. You’ll get a message letting you know when the hunt has been successfully completed.

The end of that Although this treasure hunt can initially seem difficult and frightening, it is actually fairly easy to complete. What makes this better is the fact that it is also very fun to execute. 

Parting Gifts

As long as you follow the steps in this guide, you will be able to solve the hunt quickly and efficiently. To simply summarize this treasure hunt, you need to first acquire a generator that powers a water pump. 

With the help of the said water pump, you will be able to put out a fire in the burning building. Then, you need to get in and make your way into the storage room by getting its keys from the roof.

Doing so helps you acquire several different items.

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