Spider’s Head Burial Procedure in the Hogwarts Legacy

Many players in Hogwarts Legacy are unsure of how to bury a spider’s head. This guide was created specifically for you if you identify with any of them. Players will be able to enter the magical world of Harry Potter in this action role-playing game.

And as followers of the HP series are aware, one of Harry’s scariest foes was the spider. In this game, players will also encounter them, but there is a way to defeat them, and this guide will explain how to do so.

The Acromantula Dueling Feat: How to Bury a Spider’s Head in the Ground in the Hogwarts Legacy?

The Acromantula Dueling Feat: How to Bury a Spider's Head in the Ground in the Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, after the Spider’s Head begins to execute its unblockable attack, players can bury it beneath the ground by casting Descendo. When the spider raises its front legs, you will be given the option to block or dodge. You then strike it with the Descendo at that point.

Once you’ve done that, the Matriarch’s or the Acromantula’s face will bury into the ground and temporarily knock them out of action. They can lose health after being hit by powerful fire spells like Confringo or Bombarda.

It can take a few tries to successfully complete the “Bury the Spider’s Head” feat because timing is crucial. To recover from the onslaught, be sure to carry a lot of Wiggenweld Potion. You need not be concerned if Descendo is still locked. Play the game as you normally would until you finish Professor Onai’s first assignment.

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Although you don’t have to do this feat, we strongly advise it. Dueling Feats should be completed primarily for XP farming. You’ll need it to level up your character as the game progresses.

Additionally, you will receive cosmetics for achieving the feats. You may verify them by going to the Challenges menu item.
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