Overwatch 2: Ana Playthrough

In Overwatch 2, master Ana’s playstyle to become your team’s top healer.

All of the Overwatch franchise’s original characters, including Ana, the first new character to appear in the first Overwatch, are present in Overwatch 2. Ana Amari is noted for being one of the original Overwatch players and is from Cairo, Egypt. 

Let’s look at some tips for playing Ana in Overwatch 2 effectively.

Ana Amari in Overwatch 2: How to Play?

ana from overwatch 2

Ana is a member of the support class, so it is her job to keep her team going. Despite this, Ana has a powerful arsenal that aids in eliminating the rival team. Her skills include the following:

  • Long-range firearm with both damage and healing for allies: the biotic rifle.
  • Fires a dart that can knock goes out of their senses.
  • Throws a biotic grenade that harms opponents, stops them from healing, and heals allies.
  • Increase an ally’s damage while decreasing the damage you take with the nano boost.

How to Succeed as Ana?

Let’s begin with Ana’s Overwatch 2 weapon. You must be aware that the Biotic Rifle hitscan technology is used when you scope in. This implies that they will fire immediately and hit where you are aiming. 

You must lead your shots since the bullets have a travel time when they are not scoped in. With Ana, you must become proficient at unscoped shooting because it is essential for surviving close-quarter battles.

As Ana, you must stand far enough away from engagements so that the majority of your teammates are visible to you. Use your biotic grenade to damage both you and the adversary when they try to push you away from them.

As a result, enemies will retreat since they will lose health while you gain it. You can also utilize Sleep Dart in this situation.

Sleep Dart is more effective, though, when you want to remove someone’s ability. For instance, you can Sleep Dart a Reinhardt to stop him in place when he uses his Charge ability.

In Overwatch 2, canceling ultimates is the best way to use Sleep Dart with Ana.

Tanks who encroach too much can be punished with Ana as well. Using a combination of Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart will stop the tank from healing while your team eliminates them before they can flee once they have been driven into your squad. 

While doing damage, make sure your squad has healing support. The secret to playing Ana is to maintain distance while juggling this healing and attacking act.

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