How Can An Anvil Be Made In Minecraft? (Explained)

For information on how to create an anvil in Minecraft, consult this guide. Learn how to use it as well.

Every item in Minecraft has a durability that degrades with time. Thanks to Anvil, we can rename items for customization in addition to fixing them. Some players might not be aware of the Minecraft crafting instructions for an anvil. However, this guide has you covered, so don’t worry.

To learn how to create and use this block, be sure to read the entire article.

Anvil in Minecraft: How to Make It? Recipe

How Can An Anvil Be Made In Minecraft?

To create an anvil, just like any other piece of equipment in the game, you must gather the necessary elements. All the ingredients are listed below:

After gathering these materials, arrange them on the 3×3 crafting grid as follows:

  • Put all of the iron blocks in the first row.
  • Put three iron ingots on the third row and one in the middle of the grid.

You should now have the anvil in Minecraft if you correctly arranged it in this manner.

How Does an Anvil Work in Minecraft?

How Does an Anvil Work in Minecraft?

Anvil is utilized to fix or rename stuff, as was already explained. There are three slots on the anvil, which are as follows:

  • The target item that you want to alter is in the left slot.
  • The item you will add to the target is in the middle slot.
  •  The final item is in the right slot.

The bar at the bottom of these slots indicates the necessary enchantment level to complete the process. Below are some of Minecraft’s uses for the anvil. 

1. Repair Tool

You must use the material that was used to construct the object in order to repair it. For instance, you will need an iron if you wish to fix an iron pickaxe. However, only another bow or pair of shears can be used to repair items like bows or shears. 

Other exceptions include repairing a turtle shell with scutes, elytra with phantom membranes, and chain armor with iron ingots.

2. Name the item

Renaming an object or a stack of items is another significant use of an anvil in Minecraft. In Bedrock Edition, the maximum rename length is 35 characters. In contrast, the character limit for renaming an object using Anvil in Java Edition is 50. 

Additionally, some items have unique effects after being renamed.

  • The fish in the bucket will also change names if the bucket is given a new name.
  • Furthermore, renaming a spawn egg will result in the creation of a mob with the same name.
  • When a player is killed, renamed weapons display their new names in the death message.

3. Enchantments

In addition to the enchantment table, the anvil can also be used to enchant items. You just need to place the enchanted book in the right slot and the object you wish to enchant in the left slot. Comparatively, enchanting an item could be slightly more expensive than repairing or renaming it.

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