How to Change Your Hairstyle & Color in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s likely that you’ll want to change your haircut after making your Hogwarts Legacy persona. It’s possible that you were impatient to begin the game. Or perhaps you simply got tired of your appearance and want to modify it to go with your home robes. You’re in luck since the game does allow you to slightly alter your character to your taste, so don’t worry. Consequently, this is how to do it in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the Hogwarts Legacy, how to Change Your Hair?

In the Hogwarts Legacy, how to Change Your Hair?

You can modify your hairstyle for 20 gold at Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium. You will see a screen where you can customize your character here, just like at the game’s beginning. But unlike when you created your character, you can’t change their gender now. However, you do have the option to alter your hair color and style as well as a few other facial features. What you should do is as follows:

  • To Hogsmeade, go. Once you complete the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” quest, you can head there first.
  • Go to the location marked by the scissor icon.
  • Talk to Calliope Snelling after entering the Salon.
  • You can alter your hairstyle using the first tab.
  • If you wish to modify the color of your hair, use the slider at the top.
  • And choose a new hairstyle from the options listed below.
  • Finally, select confirm and give Calliope 20 gold to receive your new appearance.

The steps listed above were only for changing your hairstyle. Changes to your Complexion, Freckles & Moles, and Scars & Markings could be made using the other tabs. Last but not least, you can alter the appearance of your eyes, eyebrows, and eyeliner.