What is Cherry Wood in Minecraft? (Explained)

Are you eager to explore the newest biome with its pink-colored trees? Here is all there is to know about the Minecraft Cherry Blossom Wood.

A variety of distinctive items, creatures, trees, and other materials have been added to Minecraft with the release of version 1.20. The new Cherry Blossom biome from the most recent update is one of them. 

You can also find cherry blossom trees around the biome as you explore its splendor. A few gamers are batting their eyes at the stunning cherry wood as we speak. But is this wood type available or widespread throughout the biome?

To learn everything there is to know about Cherry Wood in Minecraft update 1.20, consult our guide.

What in Minecraft is cherry wood?

What in Minecraft is cherry wood?

As was already noted, cherry wood, also known as cherry blossom wood, is the most recent type of wood to be included in Minecraft update 1.20. The cherry blossom trees can release this kind of wood. 

Cherry trees can be found all around the Cherry Blossom Grove biome in Minecraft. These biomes are typically found adjacent to hills and mountains covered in snow. These trees are easy to identify from a distance because of their vivid pink color.

The pink and white cherry trees are the two varieties of these trees. The cherry tree saplings can be harvested and planted where you’d like. However, keep in mind that these trees need a 55-acre area with 9 blocks above their seedling in order to thrive.

uses for them

In Minecraft, you can use the cherry wood that cherry blossom trees drop for a variety of purposes. You can utilize cherry wood to design your home, just like the majority of wood varieties. But in addition to that, you can also purchase or make the following things with cherry wood:

  • Cherry Leaves: The shears tool can be used to make cherry leaves.
  • Cherry Log: Any tool, including your hands, can be used to make it.
  • Cherry Planks: To make these planks, put a cherry log in your inventory’s crafting grid.
  • Breaking the leaves will reveal the sapling of a cherry.
  • Stripped Cherry Log: An axe and a cherry log can be used to create this log.
  • Place two adjacent rows of cherry planks to create a trapdoor.
  • Hanging Sign: To make one, stack two rows of stripped cherry logs and then add two chains to the top of each row.
  • A stick should be placed in the center of two rows of cherry planks that are placed next to each other to create the sign.
  • Farms’ Bee Nest

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