What Is Enchantability in Minecraft? (Explained)

Find out what enchantability is and how it functions in Minecraft.

The survival sandbox game Minecraft has a lot of intriguing concepts. You can acquire a variety of resources in this game and use them to make a variety of items. These include accessories like armor, tools, and weapons. 

You’ll discover stronger and more resilient resources as you advance in the game, along with methods for gathering them. However, after being used for a while, they decompose too. Fortunately, you can enchant them to gain more resources or make them last longer. 

You may learn more about the enchantability feature of Minecraft in this guide.

What is Minecraft’s Enchantability?

Minecraft's Enchantability

In Minecraft, enchantability is an attribute that indicates how likely it is for an item to receive a powerful enchantment. Simply put, the likelihood of receiving better enchantments increases with enchantability. 

Unfortunately, this mechanic is dependent on the item’s durability. In other words, an object will have higher enchantability if its durability is poor. Additionally, gold items have the highest likelihood of receiving better enchantments because they are the least resilient ones in the game. 

On gold items without an anvil, enchantments like Sharpness 5, Efficiency 5, and Unbreaking 3 will automatically apply.

Table on the Enchantability of Objects

Here is a table on the enchantability of objects and their components to help you understand it better:

MaterialArmor Swords and tools

As you can see, the diamond tool has an enchantability of 10, whereas the gold tool has a value of 22. Therefore, if efficiency enchantment is applied to both, the gold tool will produce superior results compared to the diamond one. 

However, given that gold tools aren’t robust, this is a double-edged sword. They must be crafted and reenchanted because they will break more quickly than the diamond ones. Your materials and enchantment books may be wasted if you do this.

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